Apple Data Recovery

Apple Mac Computer Repair Liverpool specializes in Apple/Mac Data Recoveries. We have designed software and procedures specifically for recovering data from Apple Macintosh computers. Our recovery tools and techniques cover a wide range of legacy equipment and file systems like MFS, HFS, HFS+, HFSX and even XSAN. Our technicians have successfully recovered data from failed Apple/Mac drives including common causes such as:

  • Drive Has Developed Bad Sectors And Won’t Boot
  • File(s) or Partition Has Been Accidentally Deleted
  • Drive Has Been Reformatted
  • Physical Damage From Fire or Flood
  • Drive Is Making Unusual Noises (Clicking, Buzzing or Grinding)

It is important to note that if you suspect your drive is not functioning properly that you stop immediately and contact us. Some data recovery tools that attempt to repair the file system may, if not successful, render the data completely unrecoverable. If your Mac drive has suffered some type of failure there is still a good chance of recovering your data successfully if you get your drive to professional data recovery experts.

Never run software recovery tools on a failing hard drive